Resource Buildings

The resource buildings available in the game are the Farm, Gold Mine, Lumber Mill, Stone Quarry and the Mana Shard Mine. All but the Mana Mine can be built from
the beginning. The breakdown of each different building directly from the Manual is as follows.



Farms produce food. Peasants must be assigned to them at your stronghold
to gather and produce food. Each farm allows space for 5 peasants to

Gold Mine


Gold mines gather a certain amount of gold per day. Again, peasants must
be assigned to gold mines at your stronghold in order to gather gold. Each
gold mine allows space for 5 peasants to work.

Lumber Mill


Lumber mills are used to harvest wood. As with all resource
structures, peasants must be assigned to them in order to gather

Stone Quarry


Stone quarries are used to produce stone. You can assign up to 5
peasants to work at each stone quarry. his is done from ‘Peasant
Management’ at your Stronghold.

Mana Shard Mine


Mana shard mines produce one mana shard per day and require no
peasants to operate. Each wilderness territory has four mana shard mine
build locations.

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