Plateau Temple To Rathos

Phase 1: Enter the walled temple compound.
Phase 2: Kill all enemy units. (lots of red dragons, plus leftovers from phase 1)

Phase 1: Orc snipers, boar riders, war elephants, juggernauts, orc crossbowmen
Phase 2: Red dragons

Storehouse (6)
House (6)
Watchtower (~18)
Temple (4)
Shrine (2)
Gatehouse (2)
Stone Walls

Difficulty: Hard


High level tanks (for capturing towers)
Siege units (for breaking down walls and gates—preferably ranged)
Anti-air (for killing lots of dragons)

Phase 1a:
You will get to deploy your initial batch of troops to the east of the walled off temple area. The AI will deploy units inside the walls (these won't move until you make a hole in the wall) and some north of the walls.

For now, we will concern ourselves with the troops deployed north of the walls, because they are the immediate threat. This group will include at least one unit of boar riders and one unit of war elephants, along with several orc sniper units and possibly some other range. The biggest threat here are the orc snipers, who can seriously hurt your units with their high AR. Make sure to eliminate them first with some anti-infantry units like ballistas or heavy lancers or, if you can herd them into a small group, use stacked aoe damage specials or spells to eliminate them. In the meantime, you should also use pikemen or other anti-cavalry units to take down the boar riders and elephants. Try to avoid getting close to the walls, because the many towers there will hurt you.

Phase 1b:
Now that the initial wave is dead, you can ignore the troops inside the walls for a bit. Deploy your siege units and tank units. Take a look at the layout of the walled area. Each side is symmetrical, so your first target is to break down the section of wall to the right of the middle tower in the series of three towers. Move a tank unit next to the middle tower to capture all three towers (this is why your tank needs to be high level—so they can stand up to three or more towers at once). Now repeat this process with the tower next to a storehouse and the two storehouses and a tower further north. If you want, you can optionally capture the two towers on the north end and the temples on the north side for extra cp. Then repeat it all for the left side of the map. Be sure not to make a hole in the wall that a unit could use to go through, and especially do not move any unit into the walled area.

Next, you want to destroy the tower on either side to the south of the gatehouses on each side using ranged siege. If you don't have ranged siege, break down the wall next to them and capture them like any other tower.

Phase 1c:
Now it's time to break down the gates. Start on the right side (near your spawn area). Break down the gatehouse on the right, but don't go inside. Let the enemy units come to you. There will be at least one juggernaut and possibly some other units on silver or gold difficulty. At this point, they will probably be severely weakened or even killed by your captured towers, so they should be easy to polish off.

For the final step, you want to run one of your tanks into the walled off area and directly north of one of the two towers on the south side to capture them. Send in your other units to capture the shrines and houses if you want. You may also want to destroy the houses so you can use the southern towers as spawn points. Get ready, because as soon as you run into the walled off area, phase 2 will begin and the computer will start to spawn red dragons.

Phase 2:
Get ready for incoming dragons. Deploy your anti-air units, and move them to the south side of the walled off area. Stay away from the big temple in the middle, because there are two towers hidden behind it (rotate your camera to see them). The red dragons (10 or more) should fly in from the north. Have all of your units focus fire on the same dragon at once, and with support from your towers, you should be able to take them all down without too much difficulty. If you do happen to get low on units, deploy a fast unit and have it circle the compound and lure the dragons into tower fire (destroying the west gatehouse before phase 2 can help with this).

~500 gold
~500 god favor + god favor from killing enemies

300+ of each resource an additional food (from farms outside the walls)
3-4 peasants (if you capture the houses)

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