Light Quests

Lv1 Kill The Small Death
Lv2 Kill Bury The Hatchet?
Lv2 Kill A-Killing We Will Go
Lv3 Kill Glad I Brought My Sword Today
Lv3 Kill The Beach
Lv3 Search Arms Dealer
Lv4 Surv The Arrows
Lv4 Seige Leave no Stone Upon Another
Lv4 Kill I'm Gonna Need A Bigger Stick
Lv5 Assas Kill the Rat
Lv5 Surv None Shall Pass
Lv5 Kill Destroy the Convoy
Lv5 Kill Magical Disaster
Lv6 Surv The Flood
Lv6 Kill Dispence with the Peasantries south
Lv6 Kill The Moors
Lv6 Guant The Narrows
Lv6 Kill Despence with the Peasantries north
Lv6 Kill The Knife's Edge
Lv6 Kill Dirty Big Things
Lv6 Kill Death to the necromancer
Lv6 surv Survival
Lv6 Kill The Hunter's Basin
Lv6 Seige Deforestation Station
Lv7 Kill Archaeological Digsite
Lv7 Kill Rogue Dwarven Mercenaries
Lv7 Kill A Good Day to Die
Lv7 Search Arr's Treasure Island *(Air exp farm)*
Lv7 Surv The Reckoning
Lv7 Surv A Day of Wrath
Lv7 Gaunt Canyon River Gauntlet
Lv7 Search Weapons Cache
Lv7 Kill ruins of mil fen
Lv7 Kill Warlords of the East
Lv7 Seige Slow as a Chersus Up a Hill
Lv7 Seige The Waystation *(spam quest)*
Lv8 Kill Captain Arr's Hideout
Lv8 Seige River Raft Raid
Lv8 Search A Catastrophe Waiting
Lv8 Kill Mithril Mines
Lv8 Kill The Brotherhood
Lv8 Kill Washing of the Spears
Lv8 Assas Timber!
Lv8 Kill Tree Poachers
Lv8 Kill War Party
Lv8 Siege Level the Lighthouse
Lv8 Kill The Townships
Lv8 Kill Orcitecture
Lv8 Kill The Orc Arena
Lv8 Kill Humans versus Giants
Lv8 Seige Destroy the Shrine
Lv8 Kill Will Fight for Food
Lv8 Kill Dark Druids
Lv8 Seige Temple of the Night
Lv8 Seige Volcanic Glass Production
Lv9 Kill Destroy my Foes 2
Lv9 Kill The Culling 2
Lv9 Kill The Cleansing 2
Lv9 Seige The Fallows
Lv9 Kill Stone Shipment
Lv9 Kill Moneybags
Lv9 Search If Trees Could Kill
Lv9 Kill Gold Thieves
Lv9 Search Beasts and Bandits
Lv9 Kill Lumber Shipment
Lv9 Assas The Outlands
Lv9 Guant The Labyrinth
Lv9 Kill Pillagers
Lv9 Kill Eliminate the Enemy 2
Lv9 Kill Wanted Army for Hire
Lv9 Kill Spy vs Spy
Lv9 Kill Purge this Land 2
Lv10 Kill Hijacked!
Lv10 Kill Femmes Fatales
Lv10 Seige River Run
Lv10 Kill Shoot to Kill
Lv10 Kill Jason and the Juggernauts
Lv10 Assas Ashes to Ashes
Lv10 Kill Bridge Busters
Lv10 Kill The Jewel Mines
Lv10 Seige The Ogre Clangrounds

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