Saga Wiki

Welcome to the Saga Wiki. The original Saga Wiki site and is being redone to update and make it better all around with tons of info coming soon.
This will tend to be more of a technical information site, rather than tips, or leveling guides. All the information concerning stats, damage,
specials, and how they figure into the game will be found here.

If you're new to Saga, be sure to check out the official web site:

Look for some changes coming soon here as the site is going to be put through major work and hopefully more access also will be available soon.

*Current changes have been adding the Enchantments page, updating all the items page and also some work done on units. Check out the changes to the first ones
for the Common faction and also added the logo on the front page here.
*Updated and added some information to the Buildings page.
*Completed the updates to Enchantments page.
*Started updating Spells, with Common and War done.

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